Bone Handicraft: The unique showpiece for your home
On the development of sculpture, one of the effects of the change in people's appreciation of art and handicraft products is very visible where the application of sculpture was formerly still limited in the sacred buildings and buildings of the palace. As ornaments on pillars and the walls of buildings, the sculpture was used, which are embodied in the form of reliefs that tell the story of wayang and folklore.

According to the development and growth, art and craft products also continue to grow. People are day by day, showing their interest in art and craft products. Beautifully crafted material is a center of attraction. Among all handicraft material, Bone Handicraft is also unique. The design on it makes it a unique showpiece of your home.

In wood, metal, clay, stone, and bone, various kinds of materials can be carved. The art of the craft that uses a bone as the main material to be carved into an artistic product is known as the rarest art of craft. In Tampaksiring Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province You can find bone crafts. More than a half- century ago, the society of this area has pursued the Bone Handicraft, wherefrom generation to generation, they pursue this type of craft. So it has developed very well.

You will find varied size and carvings of Bone Handicraft. This craft found in large with a very intricate carving, small and simple while small are very complicated. With the desire of each customer, All of these are usually adjusted.

Cow bones, buffalo bones and fish bones are commonly used as a craft item. As the main material for craftsmen Cow and buffalo bones were chosen because of their large size, while fish which have large size and strong bones craftsmen choose the certain types of fish.

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