Stylize the decor of your home with Glass handicraft There are infinite ways in which human beings can express their creativity, others through music, a little through the colors and some through words, here the list is endless, and it is endless. Today, however, I would like to introduce to the expression by work of glass. This Glass handicraft requires good eyes, a soft and bright heart, because it is an exquisite case.

So what is this artform exactly? This is the art of melting glass to create objects of intrigue. An expert craftsman can shape the glass into shapes like god figurines, animals, flowers, utensils, and much more by melting. The glass craft made for a perfect gift to hand to your loved ones, or you can use them in your home as home decoration. For devotion, there are god figures, candlesticks, and lamps will choose.

The stained Glass handicraft is a trend these days. Glass art is a trend these days; also, the last home decoration magazine shows that houses are decorated with pieces of glass. With the concept of glass, mirrors are also in demand because it gives the small passage is a small room or a spacious appearance.

Most bracelets (Churias) in India are always made with the ancient technique of molding glass art, bending, and twisting. Firozabad, near Agra, is the largest traditional glassware manufacturing center in India. For complex shapes, the artisan uses special glass rods to create glass artwork by fusion with a blowtorch. Blowtorch functions as a hot-point needle which melts the glass at specific locations as expected by the artisan. Glass rods of different diameters are used to create objects of different sizes and dimensions. Particular types of glasses are added in combination to provide variations in color and design. Bright colors and patterns are integrated into the glass to enhance the beauty of glassware.

Today, works of Indian art glass are exported worldwide. The unique blend of the West, Mughal and Indian styles make Indian glasswork special.

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